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Centerstand for 1994-2003 Honda Magna

Temporarily out of stock.




No one's really sure why Honda chose to build the '94 and later Magna with chain drive and no centerstand. But Cycle-istiC has finally remedied that unfortunate situation. Now you can lube, adjust, or replace your drive chain with ease, even when on a lengthy road trip. No more duck-walking across parking lots! No more jury-rigging to hold the rear wheel off the ground. And with the Cycle-istiC Centerstand, you can actually get an honest-to-goodness accurate oil level reading.
Simple, 4-bolt mounting system uses existing mounting points -- no drilling, cutting or welding required. The balance when on the stand has been engineered to lift the rear wheel, but with minimal one-hand effort and a block under the front of the engine case, the front wheel can be lifted for maintenance as well. And the best part -- you can still tackle the tightest twisties with NO LOSS OF GROUND CLEARANCE!

Price: $219.00 free USPS shipping in USA.

(for orders in USA only)

International Customers call or e-mail us for ordering and shipping information.

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