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Cycle-istiC was founded by Dobie Gillum of Placerville, California. Dobie rode motorcycles through the '60's and '70's until he married and began raising three daughters, whereupon he took a 20-year hiatus from motorcycling. During this time he owned a business, Turbo Power, engaged in the repair and remanufacturing of automotive turbochargers. In the summer of 2001 he sold that business, but was nowhere near ready for retirement.

In 1996, since two of his daughters were now on their own and the third was ready to leave for college, he bought a 1994 VF750C Honda Magna. He loved the bike, but his passengers complained about the uncomfortable placement of the rear passenger footpegs. He designed and had a machinist friend produce a set of relocators for the pegs. They worked so well that he decided to offer them to other Magna owners. He soon discovered that by making a slight change, that they would also fit many other models.

His peg relocator kits were so well liked that soon people were asking if he could make other accessories for their bikes. Now Cycle-istiC is making a number of accessories including an offset brakestay rod and centerstand for the '94 & later Magna, heavy-duty luggage rack for the '94 & later Magna and 1985-2007 Yamaha V-Max, and continues to develop more products for metric cruisers.

Dobie Gillum passed away late in 2016 and Cycle-istiC was sold, so Dobie's innovative products could continue to be offered to the motorcycling community.

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