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Finally! An affordable Luggage Rack & Backrest for 1985-2007 Yamaha VMax

VMX12-1R side and top views

VMX12-1R Luggage Rack For 1985-2007 VMax, mirror-finish stainless steel. Uses HDR-1-VM Mounting Brackets, below.

Price $139.00 free USPS Priority Mail shipping in USA


HDR-1-VM mounting brackets to fit Yamaha VMX12 V-Max. Required for mounting VMX12-1R, above, or BR-1, below. Fits with stock Yamaha low grab bar. Does not fit with stock Yamaha backrest.

Price $85.00 free USPS Priority Mail shipping in USA.___________________________

BR-1 Backrest for use with or without HDR-1 Luggage Rack. Requires HDR-1-VM Mounting Brackets, above. Backrest currently out of stock.

Price $89.00 free USPS Priority Mail shipping in USA___________________________

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